Working with Dominic, Nick, and all the people at NoSweat has been exceptional. We have been using NoSweat valve wraps since they have been commercially available and whether you are buying one valve wrap or a bulk order, the process could not be any easier. The valve wraps are outstanding, especially for chilled water valves.

The cost savings in man-hours not having to oversize valves and specialty fittings, or produce expensive removable pads have been immeasurable to our company. Thank you for all you do.

NOSWEAT Valve Wraps continue to be a revolutionary product in the thermal insulation industry.

We’ve used NOSWEAT Valve Wraps on many of our projects and our clients have all been ecstatic with the overall results and performance of the product. Utilizing NOSWEAT Valve Wraps allows us to be unique by providing value for our clients in terms of affordability and a cost-effective solution to any required preventative maintenance in operating and fully functioning facilities.

The availability of the various product types and sizes provides a multitude of different options for a variety of pipe designs including valves, strainers, fittings, and other in-line piping specialty components. Additionally, from a contractor’s perspective, the ease of installation makes NOSWEAT Valve Wraps an aesthetically pleasing and critical resolution for many types of indoor and outdoor applications.

...thank you, Nick and the entire No Sweat Valve Wraps team for giving us outstanding service and supplying us with a great product. We’ve been using No Sweat wraps for about 5 years now and they’ve proven to be an outstanding product. They are cost effective and easy to install and remove which makes our field crew and our customer’s very happy. Here’s a few pictures of some of the valve wraps we installed on our recently completed project at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Thanks again and look forward to many more years as a loyal customer.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you the value of your No Sweat Valve Wraps to Viking Industries Inc. Viking Industries Inc is an insulation contractor in the Rhode Island/ Massachusetts territory. Prior to your Valve wraps, on many projects, we would have to leave the balancing valves uninsulated until the entire system was installed and balanced. This would usually result in us having to open ceilings and run around sealing up valves at the last minute of the project. With the advent of your No Sweat Valve Wraps, we can complete our work as we go, and when the balancer comes by to do his work, they just open up the wrap, and close it up when done.

This is a huge labor and headache savings for us.

I thank you for designing these, as, they make life so much easier for an insulator.