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NoSweat™ reusable Chiil Beam Wraps provide worry-free performance.

Chill Beam Removable/Reusable Insulation Valve Wraps


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Chill Beam Valve Wraps
Size Pricing

Quantities less than 10 will incur a $9.95 handling fee charged against the price listed.

(†) Orders for more than 1000 — call for quote.
(‡) Refer to Sizing tab, above, before ordering to ensure accuracy.
 Custom Sizes Available — $150.00 Design Fees Apply

Prices do not include UPS ground delivery
Prices effective as of Feb 1, 2023

#2's $59.00 each
#3's $64.00 each
#4's $99.00 each


  • All valves, strainers, autoflow valves, circuit setters, ball valves, balancing valves and combination valves, etc., in chilled water and heating hot water systems, shall be insulated with a factory fabricated removable and reusable cover.
  • Insulation shall have a minimum k- factor .26, using fiberglass blanket. Flame and smoke spread shall be 25/50 per ASTM E-84.
  • Outer jacket shall be made of material equal to DuPont Tychem® QC, overlapping and completely covering the insulation with seams joined by tabs made from hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). Butt ends shall have sewn- in-place elastic.
  • Outer jacket shall overlap adjoining sections of pipe insulation.
  • Installation shall not require the use of any special hand tools.
  • Manufacturers: No Sweat Valve Wraps, LLC, or approved equal.

Qualifications for use

Cold Systems

For fittings where operating temperature is below 45°F (7°C), or where the pipe insulation is greater than 1.5" (38mm), two or more layers of the insulation inserts are required beneath the NOSWEAT™ valve cover surface.

Hot Systems
  • Tychem QC should be limited and kept below 200°F (93°C) by use of proper insulation thickness.
  • Tychem QC should be kept away from contact with, or exposure to, sources of direct or radiated heat.
  • For fittings where operating temperatures exceed 250°F (121°C), or where pipe insulation is greater than 1.5" (38mm), two or more layers of the insulation inserts are required beneath the NOSWEAT™ valve cover surface.

Operating Temperature Limits
Tychem® QC: Up to 200°F (93°C)
Insert: 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to +232°C)
Fire/Smoke Performance
Flame Spread: < 25 (per ASTM E 84)
Smoke Developed: < 50 (per ASTM E 84)
Physical Properties of Tychem QC
Total Basis Weight
ASTM D3776-90
2.5 oz/yd2
ASTM D1777-75
10 mils
Water Vapor Transmission (WVT)
0.01 Perms at 37.8C / 100F - RH / 100%
Mullen Burst
STNM D3786-87
65 psi
Breaking Strength Grab (md/cd)
ASTM D5034-90
43/49 lbs
Tearing Strength Trapezoid (md/cd)
ASTM D1117-80
7/5 lbs
Grade: Weatherable
Color: White/gloss finish
General Properties
General Properties of the NOSWEAT™ Reusable Valve Wrap when Used over a Properly Installed Fiberglass Insulation Insert
Temperature limits: 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to +232°C)
Sanitary/Odorless: Will not absorb odors. Provides no food for insects, rodents, or mildew. Resistant to fungi and bacteria. Does not promote growth.
UV Resistant: Use indoors or outdoors.
Excellent Appearance: Bright high gloss white coloring adds a distinct quality appearance to the system.
Long Lasting: Can be used and re-used once applied.
Vibration Resistant: Will not settle or separate.
Fire Safety: DuPont Tychem® QC fabric is rated as "Class 1: Normal Flammability" no unusual burning characteristics. The NOSWEAT™ removable valve wrap fiberglass insulation inserts have a UL 25/50 rating and are non-combustible per ASTM E 136. Accepted for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential projects in all parts of North America.
Thermal Efficiency of Insert (ASTM C 177)
Mean Temperature Mean Temperature (SI) k k (SI)
100°F  38°C .28 .040
200°F  93°C .38 .055
300°F 149°C .52 .075
400°F 204°C .70 .101
500°F 260°C .90 .130
About Tychem QC
  • Durable Tyvek substrate coated with polyethylene
  • Resists punctures and tears
  • Remains flexible even in cold temperatures
  • Impermeable to water

Sizing Parameters

a = Diameter of the insulated pipe; wrap available in one standard length
b = Thickness of the insulation

Valve Wrap Chart
Pipe Diameters Pipe Insulation Thickness
1/2" 1" 1-1/2"
5/8: 1/2   2 3
7/8: 3/4   2 3
1-1/8: 1   2 3
1-3/8: 1-1/4 2 3 3
1-5/8: 1-1/2 2 3 3
2-1/8: 2 2 3 4
2-5/8: 2-1/2 3 3 4
3-1/8: 3 3 4  

Limited Warranty and Limitation of Remedy

The physical and chemical properties of NOSWEAT™ insulated valve wraps represent typical, average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Numerical flame spread and smoke developed ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by these or other materials under actual fire conditions. Check with a NOSWEAT™ technical representative at 1-800-416-4610 to assure current information. Purchaser will be responsible to determine stability of this product for purchaser's use. NOSWEAT™ liability will be limited to the purchase price of the material. No person is authorized to alter this without a NOSWEAT™ officer's written approval.

Installation Instructions

Prior to installation, wipe valve clean of any moisture or debris.

  1. Open NOSWEAT™ Valve Wrap at the 3 Velcro seams.
  2. Remove fiberglass insert and place valve wrap aside.
  3. Unroll insert and place on valve with a minimum of a 1" overlap on pipe insulation.
  4. Wrap insert completely around valve and hold in place.
  5. Take opened valve wrap and place against fiberglass insert.
  6. Close all 3 Velcro seams.
  7. Once secured, slide the velcro straps through the insulation and secure the velcro tabs. Make sure all fiberglass remains inside valve wrap.
  8. Pull tight and snug everything up to assure seal.
  9. NOSWEAT™ Valve Wrap is now installed.

Note: For outdoor applications, you must seal butt ends and Velcro seam, with white, matching PVC tape.