NO SWEAT® valve wraps can be installed on indoor/outdoor piping systems including chilled water, hot steam, dual temperature and domestic water along with other piping systems in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Outdoor vertical applications should be sealed on all North Ends by the use of a white matching PVC tape or equal.

Installation Instructions

Prior to installation, wipe valve clean of any moisture or debris.

  1. Open NO SWEAT valve wrap at Velcro seam
  2. Separate the fiberglass insert and place valve wrap aside
  3. Hold the fiberglass insert close to the valve and wrap insert around the valve and all of its extensions. You can hold the insert temporarily in place with adhesive tape.
  4. Start at one end and secure the Velcro – the Velcro seam should be on top
  5. Secure the seam
  6. NO SWEAT Valve Wrap is now installed.